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Volunteer Positions @AAUGA

AAUGA Volunteer Position

The Boston Chapter of the Autodesk Animation User’s Group is seeking a Volunteer! Assist in the planning of our monthly events and maintaining outreach in the animation industry. Small commitment of just 3 – 5 hours per month. Requirements: 4 – 6 years of industry experience (animation, gaming, 3D production, or animation education).  Send your resume to AAUGA Boston.


Student Ambassador Position

The Boston Chapter of the Autodesk Animation User’s Group is seeking a Ambassador! If you are a current student enrolled in an art, an animation or a 3D program, are seeking some industry experience and a resume builder, send your resume to AAUGA Boston, This is a volunteer position, 3 – 5 hours per month.

AAUGA Meeting for July 2012 is CANCELLED

The AAUGA meeting for July 2012 is cancelled. We will reconvene AAUGA on August 16, 2012.


The Boston Chapter of AAUGA will be moving locations effective July 1, 2012.

We will be moving from 330 Congress to the new Neoscape office at 23 Drydock, Fifth Floor, Boston MA, 02210

Great Deals from Great Eastern Technology

Great Eastern Technology, who sponsored the Digital Heroes meeting last month, would like to offer members of AAUGA a special discount of 20% off of any Unity 3D products until June 15th, 2012!

Great Eastern sells all the tools you need – Wacom tablets, Autodesk Max, Maya – all the entertainment products – Zbrush, Unity, Thinkbox – if you need it, they sell it!

Call them first for a price! 800-875-0025

Upcoming Events

APRIL 23rd 2012:  Save this date!  The next AAUGA meeting will be on MONDAY, April 23rd!

For April’s meeting, AAUGA Boston will welcome Larry Kleinkemper, the executive president of AAUGA, for a special evening as part of their Digital Heroes roadtrip. Digital Heroes is a multicity tour – weaving across the country to meet and talk 3D with artists that span the gamut of industries, including Architectural Visualization, Gaming and Special FX. We will have several awesome guests presenting demos which showcase a range of 3D tips and tricks, so stay tuned for more details!

Also – make sure to checkout both of these other great FREE events from our friends at GET, NEDAG, BUG:

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