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AAUGA Meeting – Monday, 23 April 2012

Autodesk Animation User Group Association


For April’s meeting, AAUGA Boston will welcome both Larry Kleinkemper, the executive president of AAUGA, and Jeff Mottle, the founder and CEO of CGArchitect as part of their Digital Heroes roadtrip. Digital Heroes is a multicity tour – weaving across the country to meet and talk 3D with artists that span the gamut of industries, including Architectural Visualization, Gaming and Special FX.

In celebration, AAUGA Boston will pull out all the stops – the event will feature a broad mixture of circus style acrobatics and fantastical avante-garde theater style fire-dancers. It will all be wrapped in an almost hallucinatory package of special effects, soaring hydraulic staging, and ethereal music, all of which only reinforces the dreamlike quality of the production.

Although much of the production is still being coordinated, we can guarantee one thing – we’ll provide amazing presentations about the 3D production from a range of the best professionals in the Boston area. Mark your calendar early, this will be a event you will not want to miss.

The Boston Chapter of the Autodesk Animation User’s Group is seeking a Ambassador! If you are a current student enrolled in an art, an animation or a 3D program, are seeking some industry experience and a resume builder, send your resume to AAUGA Boston, This is a volunteer position, 3 – 5 hours per month.

Students – if you want to sign up for the show and tell/portfolio review for a future meeting, please RSVP Our Portfolio Review Coordinator, bring your best work, and it will be reviewed by professionals in attendance.

To recieve updates about future meetings and itineraries, please click the “Get Connected” button to the left and send us your contact information.

Agenda for 04/23/12

    6:30: Meet and Greet
    6:40: Presentation #1:
    7:00: Presentation #2:
    7:30: Break
    7:45: Presentation #3:
    8:30: Formal User Group Ends


Formal User Group Ends

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