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APRIL 23rd 2012:  Save this date!  The next AAUGA meeting will be on MONDAY, April 23rd!

For April’s meeting, AAUGA Boston will welcome Larry Kleinkemper, the executive president of AAUGA, for a special evening as part of their Digital Heroes roadtrip. Digital Heroes is a multicity tour – weaving across the country to meet and talk 3D with artists that span the gamut of industries, including Architectural Visualization, Gaming and Special FX. We will have several awesome guests presenting demos which showcase a range of 3D tips and tricks, so stay tuned for more details!

Also – make sure to checkout both of these other great FREE events from our friends at GET, NEDAG, BUG:

MARCH 29th 2012:  Autodesk Virtual Event – Latest Releases in Digital Entertainment Creation

On Thursday March 29th Autodesk is having a virtual event, showcasing their latest releases in Digital Entertainment Creation software, focusing on ways you can maximize your productivity and increase your profits!  Signing-up for this virtual event enters you into a drawing for a Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet from Great Eastern – that’s a $349 value, peeps!!!  Sign up today: http://greateasterntech.com/virtual-event-sign-up.

APRIL 14th, 2012:  3D Stimulus Day

A special FREE all-day event presented by Great Eastern tech, New England Digital Artist Group, and Boston Unity Group.

GET and NEDAG are hosting their 4th Annual 3D Stimulus Day at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA. Once more, Russ Morris, of Unity Tech and founder of the London Unity Group, will make a special trip across the pond to present UNITY: CREATING A GAME. Other local artists and developers will be presenting on cutting edge topics as well! It will be a great a day of talks, networking and free food. Register and check out the schedule for more details: http://greateasterntech.com/events-a-news/58-3d-stimulus-day

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