We put the A in AAUGA

AAUGA Meeting: Thursday, July 18th 2013

AAUGA Meeting
Thursday, July 18th, 2013, 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Neoscape, 23 Drydock Avenue, 5th Floor, Boston MA (Easy access via the Silver Line! Take the SL2 Silver Line to the “21 Dry Dock Ave” stop. Garage and metered street parking also available.)


6:30: Meet and greet, pizza

7:00: Anders JL Beer is going to share a bit of workflow experience picked up over the course of 17 years in feature animation and VFX production. From cartoony characters, to naturalistic creatures, shape based deformation is an invaluable technique for delivering art directable animation control over anatomy. And it is still the preeminent technique for high production value facial animation at studio’s like Weta, ILM, Double Negative and so on…

8:30: Formal User Group Ends

About Anders Beer:

He studied animation at SMFA in Boston for about 1 ½ years before going to CalArts in Valencia CA. In 1996 he took his first job at Dreamworks SKG as a digital artist on the earliest development of Shrek. He’s also worked for Digital Domain, Disney Feature Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Double Negative VFX. He’s also done short stints for Nvidia and Harmonix. Currently he is Director and co-owner of General Gau, a small animation shop partnered with Brickyard VFX here in Boston MA.

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